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Learn more about your Federal Benefits


Workshops/Lunch and Learn

We can provide your organization with great information in thorough detail; or a quick overview of options and opportunity by scheduling A "Workshop or Lunch and Learn"

It helps you prepare and make the right decisions for your future.

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Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Counseling

Understanding your TSP investment account can have a tremendous impact on your financial future. Invest 30 minutes of your time now to protect you and your family for the next 30 years.

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Benefits Analysis

benefits analysis is a personalized computer report of your benefits as a Federal or Postal employee.

Retire based on FACTS not on feelings…

With your benefits analysis, guessing is not an option.

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(FEGLI) Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Counseling

Protecting your loved ones is a serious business. Purchasing the best policy at the best price is one of our specialties.

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ROTH IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

Is a Roth IRA right for you?

Did you know that you can start a Roth IRA for as low as $50.00 biweekly?

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Payroll Deduction

Have you run out of allotments for your Payroll Deduction?

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Financial Planning

According to the Dept. of Labor, it is estimated that if you are still paying for a mortgage (or renting) when retirement comes, you will need 80% of your income to maintain your current standard of living!

If your house is paid off, you will need 60% of your income! 

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