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“When I called Member Services, the representative was so pleasant. She was very helpful and
informative. She got me the help I needed! It’s nice to have a great experience and to be treated so
well. Everyone involved in helping me has been so nice!”
~ Wendell Rush, satisfied member
“Dental Health Services is professional on every level! My needs have continually been met, and I
am very satisfied with my dental treatment and coverage.”
~ Larry Brown, satisfied member


"Very Informative and helpful in my understanding of my retirement and investing choices :)"

 ~ Patricia B USPS San Diego

" Sometime ago, I contacted Alain regarding the TSP program.  He allowed me to take all the time I needed to understand the program -- it took several days for me to grasp the entire benefit of the program.  As I began to understand what the program had to offer, I became very excited about it.  Alain took the time to explain the program and answered all my questions.  In doing so, he has given us the opportunity to control a great part of our destiny regarding retirement. Alain is extremely knowledgeable and professional and always takes the time to answer questions and explain. We are extremely grateful."
 ~ Al McClellan, satisfied client
"It is a shame more members don’t take advantage of this workshop!  Very valuable information given by Alain.  Always a pleasure! "          

~ Akron attendee


"The contents and presentation of the class are excellent.  I recommend the class for all Union FERS members."

~ D Thompson

"Extremely encouraged by information offered by Alain!  Thanks to the APWU!  Appreciation to all the office crew!"

~ J Boyle 

"Terrific information on everything, especially TSP.  I wish I had known you long before but like you said, it is never too late."

~ M Ha


"It is a shame more members don’t take advantage of this workshop! Very valuable information given by Alain. Always a pleasure! "

~ Akron attendee